… fabulous - phantastic interpretation (Hamburger Abendblatt)

… presented with breathtaking and relaxed virtuosity (Main-Post)

thunderous applause acknowledged an unusually engaged and presented work of music (Volkszeitung)

… splendidly played and acknowledged with seemingly unending applause … (Pommerscher Bote, Polen)

Steffen Trekel howed how much virtuosity can be hidden in this small instrument. (Westdeutsche Zeitung)

… an outstanding level of playing culture which is practiced by Steffen Trekel with enthusiastic style. (Zupfmusik-Magazin)

… the art of playing a string instrument in its finest form acrobatic dexterity three encores …. (Böhme-Zeitung)

… fireworks of which every single spark not only flashed across to the audience but also to the musicians themselves. (Münstersche Zeitung)


En garde:

It appears that the mandolin is an instrument which, like few others, has either lovers or declared foes. Even the latter would find it difficult to deny the charm of these splendid, refreshing compositions and their brilliant interpretation in these recordings. (gitarre aktuell)

This CD sparks pure joy in the musical expression. Two true masters in their field have come together as a world class duo They established a truly fully coordinated, forward-looking way of playing together as a team. One cannot miss the fact that all this is total enjoyment for both the audience and the musicians. One hears, therefore, two musicians who noticeably enjoy making music together, immersed in the music, and the spark is catching (Concertino)

A mainly contemporary but non-scary programme superbly presented" (Classical Guitar Magazine)

Musica Mediterranea:

Here rules solely the power of musical imagination and not that of technical limits. Here the duo once again reaches its highest level, previous virtuose highlights will be topped once more and the joy of making music stands totally in the foreground. While one picks the CD from the player one makes the resolution to take life a little easier in the future Buy It! (Concertino)

It is a delight of the first order to observe how Trekel and Pauly shape and gesticulate every musical moment, every single phase. High tempi are played effortless, relaxed, and lively; slow movements, in contrast, are performed calmly and with high intensity. (

Waldemar Gromolak + Steffen Trekel

The mandolin offers something yet again: clearly classical, never trivial, it has no difficulty with the melodic line, which it manages with a judicious mixture of tremolo and straight plucking. Expressively played and sensitively accompanied, it's an excellent performance all around. Good, vigorous playing from both players helps to make this debut recording one to treasure.
(Classical Guitar Magazine)